About Us

Our company manufactures plant production and protection equipments in various dimensions in accordance with customer demands. With the experience of the years, we manufacture every need of the plant producer such as; Production Pots, PE Sapling Raising Bags, Nylon Canvas, Greenhouse Nylon etc… Our major goal is meeting every equitment requirements of plant producers. Our most distinctive references are the satisfaction and the trust of the companies/organizations that we work with.

Our main focus on manufacturing is to help plant producer to yield high quality products with the desired types.

Our Vision

As Bahar Polimer; we aimed to serve with a sound background while taking competitive advantages of quality standards, efficiency, know-how and technlogy use.

In every contracted task, with quality standards and understanding of responsibilty, to be the most good service yielder, to be the most powerful company with the most succesful working system, to reach to the top level with the experience of years and goodwill of the market.

Our goal is to spread our fast growing on different geographies.

Our Mission

Our mission is based on doing every task on time with customer satisfaction. Our team has the notion of compliance to the change, being permanent in the market, continious market growth with philosophy of trustable operation and service.

Offering innovative solutions to our clients and investors, implementing maximum valued projects with optimum costs,to imrove the happiness of our employees,to improve the Notion of labor security and environmental protection in the sector, thus contributing to the progress of society.

Our Management Policy

To commit all legal obligations related with our operations, to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We can state our variety products as follows;
– Production Pots,
– PE Sapling Raising Bags (Plastic)

1) Sapling Raising Bags with Bellows

– Sapling Raising Bags with side bellows.
– Sapling Raising Bags with bottom bellows.

2) Sapling Raising Bags without Bellows

– Nylon Canvas
– Greenhouse Nylon
– Ground Covers
– Shadowing Covers

Bahar Plastic About Us